I am available for consultation in both the NHS and private sector. It is important that you visit your GP prior to arranging consultation. Your GP after an initial assessment will direct you to the appropriate specialist and also provide me with other important information about your past medical history and any treatment you are on.

In my NHS practice, referrals are prioritised appropriately on receipt from your GP. It is not always possible for you to be seen by the specialist you have been referred to due to pooled lists and annual leave, you might be seen by another consultant.

In the private sector your GP will usually refer you to the appropriate consultant at the local private hospital(St Joseph's Hospital, Spire Hospital). My clinic times are flexible and in most instances a convenient appointment can be booked within two weeks.

If you have private Health Insurance, it is important you inform your insurance company and get preauthorisation. Some policies have limits to the cover, it is essential you understand this fully. Any charges which are not covered by your policy will have to be paid by yourself.


The consultation charge is variable, usually starts at £160 but can vary depending on the complexity of the case. 

The charges for various procedures vary. 

Usually a Gastroscopy costs about £700-800, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy £800, Colonoscopy £1300

These charges are estimates and vary depending on duration of stay and complexity of procedure. A better estimate can be obtained from the hospital once you have been assessed in clinic and an appropriate diagnostic plan formulated.